Minton tin-glazed majolica

From Mantegna 'Triumph of Caesar' series, design source of Minton tin-glaze elliptic dish.

MADELENA investigates the Renaissance art sources of Minton and Co. Ltd tin-glazed majolica, many of them based on actual Renaissance tin-glazed Italian maiolica examples.

Majolica – Makers’ Marks – Minton, Wedgwood, George Jones and Holdcroft

George Jones Majolica 'full nest' game pie dish

Majolica-makers’ marks not present… How do you know it is George Jones? Majolica-makers’ marks are sure way to identify a manufacturer. Some marks will also date an item. Marks may be impressed, embossed or printed. Or written in script over the glaze, or ‘in reserve’. Marked majolica is generally indicative of quality. Unmarked majolica makes up the bulk of… Continue reading Majolica – Makers’ Marks – Minton, Wedgwood, George Jones and Holdcroft

Majolica – One word for two different products. How might that happen?

Spot the difference?

1.  Earthenware decorated with coloured glazes 2. Tin-glazed earthenware painted with enamels Designs for the two distinct types of Minton majolica product both called ‘majolica’ sit side by side in the Majolica Box, The Minton Archive. How did that happen? Why not simply Earthenware decorated with coloured glazes = Majolica; Tin-glazed earthenware painted with enamels =… Continue reading Majolica – One word for two different products. How might that happen?

Lead Glaze Perfection – lead-glazed Victorian Majolica

Minton Ewer Detail, painting by Emile Jeannest

Madelena Antiques  Buy, sell and discover lead glaze majolica, Staffordshire figures, Moorcroft, Wedgwood lustre and other specialities including antique samplers and embroideries Majolica International Society  Relish the outstanding Karmason Library of Victorian Majolica objects, membership, conventions, book lists, newsletters and much more You will love this… First, technical information on lead glaze Second, a brief history of how lead glazes developed Third, a comparison of the two most… Continue reading Lead Glaze Perfection – lead-glazed Victorian Majolica

Majolica Pottery – Introduction UPDATED

Majolica cat jug by Minton, circa 1875.

Majolica Definitions… This is the first of a series of Majolica blogs. In this blog we remind ourselves of a few definitions and the enormous scope for decorators, collectors and antique enthusiasts. In subsequent blogs we will explain the appeal, the many types, the makers, the countries, more on the history and some insights on value, care, collecting and… Continue reading Majolica Pottery – Introduction UPDATED

Pottery Marks and Makers 1780 to 1900

Pattern name mark, Alocasia Jeningsii

Madelena Shop, Sell, Discover Who made it? This blog looks at pottery marks and makers. Makers of pottery in this period were known as pot banks. How many different ways did they mark their pots? We take a look at the pottery marks found in the popular categories in which we specialise. EARLY STAFFORDSHIRE FIGURES  1780-1840… Continue reading Pottery Marks and Makers 1780 to 1900

Majolica Magic in Homes & Antiques

World’s largest online gallery of MAJOLICA MADELENA Shop, Sell, Discover Majolica International Society MAJOLICA  The pottery that’s this season’s hottest must-have Above is the October 2013 issue of the BBC Homes and Antiques magazine. Antique majolica is back in vogue, this season’s hottest must-have! Ellie Tennant, the interiors journalist wrote the piece. She does a great… Continue reading Majolica Magic in Homes & Antiques

New look to Madelena online store

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Why change a website that everyone loves and praises?

First, we had to deal with an unfixable bug in the shopping cart which was causing intermittent problems. New technology was the way forward.

Second, our ‘product mix’ is now of higher quality than the site was originally designed for. We wanted to bring a quality look to match the quality of the inventory.

Third, we wanted to optimize for all devices. In the old days ‘going online’ meant connecting to the internet using a personal computer or laptop with a reasonably large screen. Today we also use smartphones and notebooks. For websites to display at their best on small devices the website needs to be able to shrink itself to fit the screen. New technology was again the way forward.

A unique and possibly the greatest feature of your old website was the detail in your descriptions and condition reports with pictures showing exactly what was what. Has that changed?

Capture11Rest easy, there has been no change to the detail which, as before, you reach by clicking the button that looks like this. This is where Madelena’s users find the detailed descriptions and condition reports that are our unique selling point. We believe in ‘Do as you would be done by. No surprises thank you.’ Every care is taken to show defects as realistically as possible.

Why did you not change the technology but keep the old look?

new look blog detail_pageWe noticed other websites moving to a cleaner, less cluttered look and feel. We thought ours would look better and make navigation easier for first time visitors if we made some changes. Existing users we hope will very quickly discover that the core content of the website has not changed at all.

Capture14We have moved to a new logo that works with all categories and are now using a simple color scheme applied consistently throughout the entire website. White text on dark background is used in many places for easy reading.

new look blog shopAn attention grabbing homepage and bold navigation routes to the merchandise and to the sell and discover pages we hope will encourage visitors to discover the joys of collecting amazing objects.

Hints and tips when the mouse is ‘hovered’ over a box help the user with additional information and save clutter.

To make our informational articles more accessible we now have a dedicated DISCOVER section in each category which includes a blog and other links that may be of interest.

What else did you change that might improve the user experience?

Capture14callA Skype button with a reminder of UK time and office hours to make phone calls more easy to make than ever before. And simplified email management.

An improved shopping cart, enhanced security and a smoother check out and payment that should now work perfectly for everybody on every type and version of browser.

new look boog homepage bensMany customers wanted to see Early Staffordshire figures only so these are now shown on a separate page as well as being included with the Victorian Staffordshire figures. Palissy collectors wanted Palissy separated from majolica so we now have a separate Palissy page. Similarly we have separate pages for all the Decorative Arts categories: R.Lalique glass, Minton Secessionist ware, the Wedgwood luster wares including Fairyland lustre, and the art nouveau period WMF silver plated ware that is another specialist category that we deal in.

A Twitter feed for the upcoming younger generation of collectors has been added. This is a good place for short comments from visitors of any age.

new look blog gallery StaffsOthers wanted titles with the ‘thumbnail’ pictures so these have been added.

For more efficient searches the SEARCH box can now handle ‘and’ and ‘or’ in addition to the single word search. For example “Jones,plate” (Jones or plate) returns 215 items containing either the word ‘Jones’ or the word ‘plate’. “Jones plate” (Jones and plate) returns 15 items containing the word ‘Jones’ and the word ‘plate’.

If you don’t love the new website after a short while we really do want to hear from you.
new look blog home page

Your comments on anything no matter how small are important to the success of the website. Customer feedback both praise and complaint is key to our development, always was and always will be.

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