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Madelena Antiques was founded in 1997. We are now a well established antiques business, buying and selling all over the world, from our home base in Essex, UK.

Our mission is that no matter where you live, whether you are a dealer, designer, home decorator, collector, antique lover or a shopper with a discerning eye, you enjoy what we have created and find something special you love on our website.

David Tulk founded Madelena in 1997, having taken voluntary redundancy from Ford Motor Company. It was a great opportunity to leave the corporate world behind and focus on a life-long interest in antiques. You'll currently find David taking care of our correspondence, answering your emails and handling orders swiftly and effectively.

Ben, after graduating and working in Biochemistry, joined David (father), to help design and develop a website for Madelena. Caught by the antiques bug, he remained and helped David grow the business. These days, Ben handles most of the day-to-day operations, buying, photographing, packing/shipping, website development and business administration. As well as being responsible for school runs for his two young children.

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