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    Browse our Spring Decor.
  • Hugo Lonitz Majolica Goldfinch
    Hugo Lonitz Majolica Goldfinch.
  • antique-majolica-minton-putti
    Minton Majolica Putto - Rennaisance revival style.
  • majolica-pineapple-top
    Minton Majolica Pineapple - striking & quirky.
  • antique-palissy-pottery-choisy-crayfish
    Choisy Le Roi Palissy Crayfish - exquisite modelling.
  • antique-palissy-pottery-choisy-fish
    Choisy Le Roi Palissy Fish - French masterclass.
  • antique-sampler-flower-motif
    Antique Sampler Flower Motif - Silkwork by children.
  • antique-sampler-flower-motif-deer
    Antique Sampler Stag Motifs - a typical motif.
  • antique-sampler-verse
    Antique Sampler Verse - Texts improved the mind.
  • antique-wedgwood-fairyland-lustre-bowl
    Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Magic
  • antique-wedgwood-fairyland-lustre-bowl-3
    Fantastical Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre ware
  • antique-wedgwood-fairyland-lustre-elves
    Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Elves
  • antique-wedgwood-fairyland-lustre-geisha
    Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Geisha
  • antique-wedgwood-fairyland-lustre-vase
    Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Candlemas
  • rene-lalique-glass-dragonfly
    Dragonflies by Rene Lalique. Exquisite glass design
  • rene-lalique-glass-inseperables
    Rene Lalique Glass Inseperables - the lovebirds.
  • staffordshire-pottery-poodle-figure
    Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Poodle
  • pearlware-figure-closeup
    Staffordshire Pearlware Pottery
  • antique-staffordshire-pottery-pearlware-figure
    Staffordshire Pearlware Figure With Dog
  • minton-secessionist-vase-closeup
    Minton Secessionist Pottery
  • minton-secessionist-vases-group
    Minton Secessionist Pottery Vases


We hope you enjoy discovering, exploring and shopping our specialist categories and home décor themes - a wide range of pieces to suit all budgets and tastes. Fresh pieces are added weekly, so please visit often.


With 20 years of experience selling antiques online, we have a trusted reputation with our customers worldwide - collectors, curators, decorators and shoppers looking for that special piece.


We are dedicated to providing you with a safe, simple and enjoyable shopping experience. We source great pieces. We describe and photograph accurately and in detail. Orders arrive well packed and fast. Our returns process is hassle free. Enjoy!

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Circa 1851-1900

Staffordshire Figures

Circa 1780-1900

Early Staffordshire Figures

Circa 1780-1835

Needlework Samplers

Circa 1650-1870

René Lalique Glass

Circa 1910-1945

Wedgwood Lustre Ware

Circa 1915-1930

Minton Secessionist Pottery

Circa 1905-1915

Art Nouveau WMF

Circa 1905-1930


Circa 1850-1900

William Moorcroft

Circa 1890-1930

Antique Embroideries

Circa 1650-1900

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