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Majolica Mark

Innovative Form/Function - Joseph Holdcroft

Majolica - Form & Function

Forms or 'shapes' related to the function of an item. Forms can be grouped into two main categories, 'useful', and 'decorative'.

Both useful and decorative wares could be found in abundance in the households of the emerging middle-classes

In the entrance hall:

In the Bedroom

Dressing table sets that might include: brush tray, trinket or ‘patch’ boxes, candlestick holders, vases, ring holders). Toilet sets: Bowls, ewers. Hidden within the bedside 'pot cupboard': Chamber pot, Spittoon.

Living Rooms & Parlours

Living rooms and parlours would be adorned with various pieces, ranging in size from modest to monumental.

On special occasions dining tables would be 'dressed' with...

Purpose designed serving pieces would be presented to table the finials and decoration often announcing the type of food contained therein...

Specialised services would be used for particular types of food, especially dessert...


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