Majolica – Makers’ Marks – Minton, Wedgwood, George Jones and Holdcroft

Majolica-makers’ marks not present… How do you know it is George Jones?

Majolica-makers’ marks are sure way to identify a manufacturer. Some marks will also date an item. Marks may be impressed, embossed or printed. Or written in script over the glaze, or ‘in reserve’.[...] Read More


Majolica – One word for two different products. How might that happen?

1.  Earthenware decorated with coloured lead glazes 2. Tin-glazed earthenware painted with enamels

Two distinct types of pottery both called ‘majolica’. Click this link for a perfect example from the Minton Archive website.[...] Read More


Majolica? Maiolica? Victorian Majolica Maiolica – Quiz Questions, Answers, Evidence

Which is it? What is it? Majolica? Maiolica? Victorian Majolica?


“These two words have been used interchangeably and still are.”

Online Search Engines

Present day dictionary compilers and online search engines’ primary definitions treat ‘maiolica’ and ‘majolica’ as interchangeable. Fans of tin glazed maiolica and fans of lead glazed majolica  both feel this is overdue for correction. We can see they are different. We know they are different. Do they not deserve one clear sense each?[...] Read More