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Majolica Vase

George Jones Majolica Blue Tit

Majolica's Charm

It makes stunning decor! Its strong, bright colors never fade. It is non-repetitive. A seemingly infinite variety of quirky, naturalistic styles, and a multitude of forms and sizes set the imagination on fire. Just when you think you've seen it all, a previously unknown piece surfaces and delights. Its enduring popularity now seems guaranteed.

It continues to excite decorators and designers, young and old, featuring regularly in home and designer magazines. Within the genre are colors, styles and forms to enhance almost any scheme: a single piece to highlight a corner, a hutch of turquoise, or cobalt blue or pink, a wall of themed pieces, or an entire room.

Fish, seaweeds, shells and crabs for ocean/beach themes. Trees and bears for Black Forest or mountain themes. Farm animals for rural and country themes. All manner of fish, bird, mammal and other animal pieces are available.

Plainly decorated pieces may fit with a clean, more minimalist look.

Majolica in a 21st century home demonstrates an appreciation of art and history, expressing in brilliant style the continuity between past and present.

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