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Brard Majolica Palissy Fish Platter

Victorian, circa 1880. 8.7ins high, 11ins wide, 3ins depth. Brard French Palissy Majolica platter which features a mackerel,

a red gurnard and a small crab.

Colouration: blue, orange, green, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Brard pottery.

Book reference ,'Palissy Ware' by Marshall P. Katz and Robert Lehr, page 99


CONDITION: Generally good.

Hairline to rim.

Two Chips to under rim,

small chips (one reglued to back fin of Red Gurnard).

Some small flakes to rim,

crab's leg,

Red Gurnard's back fin and tail fin.

KILN EFFECTS: touch marks to rim and mackerel.

RESTORATION. Mackerel's tail reglued and join retouched.


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