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Monumental Palissy Majolica Blackberry Urn-Shaped Planter

Circa 1890. 27.2ins high, 18.9ins wide, 18.9ins depth. Thomas Sergent (attributed) Palissy Majolica urn which features plump blackberries

applied to the sides and mask handles.

Colouration: cobalt blue, green, cream, are predominant.



A few minor chips to the blackberries.

Some wear and scratching to interior from use.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage cracks to rim border;

a couple of glaze misses to the lower foot rim and also to the inner rim.

RESTORATION. The pottery is free from restoration. We have replaced the fittings which hold the foot to the base,

as the old ones were rusted and inadequate.

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