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1639 Stumpwork Embroidery, 'Abraham & Isaac' by EM

Mid 17thC, dated 1639. 14ins high by 22ins wide. 1639 Stumpwork embroidery picture by EM. Framed in an old wood frame with glass.

Stitched to canvas, stretched over a wooden mounting frame. Backed with acid free card.

The embroidery is worked in silks, metal threads and metal sequins, on a silk ground.

Colours blues, cream, red, dark brown, greens and gold.

Metallic threads used to create an intricately woven border.

The embroidery is finely worked in a variety of stitches with areas of raised work and sequin decoration.

Central pictorial panel depicts the biblical story of, 'The Binding of Isaac', when God commands Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice.

The central panel is surrounded by animals, insects and flowers.

Signed with initials and dated

'EM 1639'. (N.B - the 3 is reversed).

CONDITION: Generally Good.

A number of holes and splits to the ground.

A few patchy stains.

No stitch losses, but a few loose threads.

Colours are slightly faded, but still well defined.

Slightly unevenly stretched.

Frame showing wear, but structurally sound.

We removed the stumpwork from the frame and put it back in. It is in stable enough to handle and clean. (see images of the piece outside it's frame)

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