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Staffordshire Pearlware Cottage Pastille Burner

pre-Victorian, circa 1820. 5.3ins high, 4.5ins wide, 4.3ins depth. Staffordshire Pottery pearlware pastille burner which features a Tudor style,

timber frame house with a removable thatched roof, stood on a shaped base.

Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.


CONDITION: House: Good.

A few small flakes to the rim.

A few paint losses to the windows.

KILN EFFECTS: touch mark to the rim;

stained crazing to the interior.

RESTORATION. Retouched paint losses to the black enamel.

Retouched flake to edge of door.

Roof: Good.

KILN EFFECTS: flecks of stray coloured glaze to the side.

RESTORATION. Chimney reglued and join retouched.

Filled chips to dorma windows

and chip to under rim.

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