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Large Longchamp Palissy Majolica Lobster Platter

Circa 1870. 13ins high, 18.9ins wide, 3.5ins depth. Longchamp French Palissy Majolica platter which features a lobster, starfish,

shells and dragonfly to the front.

Colouration: green, ochre, blue, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Longchamp pottery. Bears a pattern number, '16'.

Book reference ,'Palissy Ware' by Marshall P. Katz and Robert Lehr, page 150, figure 199.


CONDITION: Generally good.

KILN EFFECTS: a few shrinkage lines to the front;

touch mark to the rim.

RESTORATION. Seven legs and large section to one antennae remodelled.

One eye reglued and join retouched.

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