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Antique Sampler, by Maria Tooby. c.1820

Circa 1820. 16.25ins by 12.25ins wide. c.1820 Antique Sampler by Maria Tooby. Framed in an antique wooden frame with gilt slip and glass.

Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing.

The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches.

Meandering floral border.

Colours green, cream, red, gold, pink, brown and black.

Verse reads,

'Friends are Like Leaves that on the trees do grow

In Summers prosprous state much Love they show

But art thou in Adversity then they

Like Leaves from trees in autumn fall away

Happy is he who hath a Friend indeed

But he more haapy is who none does need'.

Signed, 'Mary Tooby AG tat 11 YRS'.

A wonderful set of motifs, some finely embroidered, including a girl, unusually having a paper body, birds, potted flowering plants, fruit baskets, crowns, a horse, a zebra, a lion, a stag, a leopard and a lion.

CONDITION: Good. A number of small holes.

A few patchy stains.

No stitch losses other than to the holed areas.

Colours are mostly good and strong with no noticeable fading. No colour run. Neatly and evenly stretched.

Frame in good condition, ready to hang.

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