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Staffordshire Pearlware Tythe pig group

pre-Victorian, circa 1830. 9.1ins high, 8.3ins wide, 4.5ins depth. Staffordshire Pottery pearlware spill vase which features a scene of a vicar and two parishioners

standing in front of a tree. The lady is holding a baby in her arms, stood on an oval base.

Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.

This piece represents the centuries old practice of tithing, or giving 1/10 of your produce to the church.


CONDITION: Generally good.

Chips to flowers on base.

Small flakes to lady's bonnet

and rim of left spill branch.

KILN EFFECTS: tiny glaze pops to the vicar's robe and hat.

RESTORATION. Retouching to baby's head;

retouching to pig;

retouching to black on vicar;

retouched paint losses to ground.

Three filled chips to rims of spills.

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