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Staffordshire Pearlware Children & bocage figure

pre-Victorian, circa 1820. 7.9ins high, 5.1ins wide, 2.8ins depth.

Staffordshire pearlware bocage figure which features children, stood on a rectangular base.

Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.

Open bottomed.


Generally good. Chip to back left corner of base.

Small flake to one drape and wrist to one child.

KILN EFFECTS: glaze pops to the tree trunk.

RESTORATION. Filled chip to back right corner of base.

Remodelled right arm to one child and left arm to other.

Remodelled leaves to bocage.

The whole of which is covered in clear restorers lacquer.

Neck to one girl, tree trunk and one branch all reglued and joins retouched.

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