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Staffordshire pottery Spaniel Smoking a pipe

Victorian, circa 1860. 10.2ins high, 8.7ins wide, 3.9ins depth. Staffordshire figure which features a spaniel smoking a pipe, seated on a rococo base. White and gilt version. Dull gilt embellishment.

Decorated mainly to the front.

Book reference ,'A-Z of Staffordshire Dogs, A Potted History', by Clive Mason Pope, page 133.


Good. No restoration. Minor paint losses to ground.

Some rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: firing hole above right hind leg;

piece of kiln detritus caught in the glaze to the bottom of the pipe;

over glazed shrinkage lines to the underside and to base;

shrinkage crack along the mold join to the side of the piece.

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