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Staffordshire Pottery Spill Vase with Shepherd, Dog & Snake

Victorian, circa 1860. 11.6ins high, 6.5ins wide, 3ins depth. Staffordshire Pottery spill vase with a pastoral theme which features a sleeping shepherd,

sheep, a serpent and a dog, stood on an oblong base.

Dull gilt base line and embellishment. Flatback, decorated mainly to the front.

Book reference ,'Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875' Book 2, by A.& N. Harding, page 144, figure 2227.



Slight rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: a piece of kiln detritus caught in the glaze to one sheep;

a few specks of kiln grit caught in the glaze to dog's back;

stained crazing to the underside and reverse.

RESTORATION. Snake's head remodelled.

Filled chip to front lower base edge.

Retouched paint losses to dog's markings.

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