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Pair Staffordshire pottery spaniels, russet & white on blue bases

Victorian, circa 1860. Tallest is 7.9ins high, 6.3ins wide, 3.8ins depth.

Pair of Staffordshire figures which feature a spaniel, seated on a cobalt blue base.

Russet and white version. Dull gilt base line and embellishment. Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.

Vent hole to the reverse.


Right facing: Good. Slight rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage crack behind front, right leg;

tiny glaze pops to base.

RESTORATION. Minor retouched paint loss to ears.

Left facing: Good. Some rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: flecks of stray coloured glaze to spaniel;

glaze pops to the upper base edge;

touch marks to spaniel at reverse.

RESTORATION. Minor retouched paint losses to markings and ears.

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