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Pair Staffordshire recumbent shepherds

Victorian, circa 1860. Tallest is 5.7ins high, 6.1ins wide, 3.1ins depth. Pair of Staffordshire figures with a pastoral
theme which feature a shepherd and shepherdess, recumbent on an oblong base.

Dull gilt base line and embellishment. Decorated mainly to the front. Vent hole to the reverse.


CONDITION: Shepherd: Good. Slight rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage line to the side of the shepherd's face;

fleck of stray coloured enamel to the dog's nose.

RESTORATION: Retouched paint loss to shoes.

Shepherdess: Generally good. KILN EFFECTS: piece of kiln detritus caught inside causing piece to rattle;
shallow firing crack to the underside, running up the right side of the base.

RESTORATION: Her left hand has been remodelled.

Filled chip to lamb's face.

Retouched paint loss to her hair.

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