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Large German Palissy Majolica Boar head wall plaque

Victorian, circa 1890. 14.2ins high, 13.8ins wide, 11.4ins depth. Unidentified German Majolica wall plaque which features a boar's head.

Colouration: brown, blue, green, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Unidentified German pottery.


CONDITION: Generally good. Some small flakes to the boar's fur and the edge of plaque;

glaze pops to the boar's mouth and tongue;

a few specks of kiln detritus caught in the glaze to the boar's fur;

two small glaze misses to the wall plaque.

RESTORATION. Both upper tusks reglued and joins retouched.

Filled chip to tip of boar's right ear.

Two leaves remodelled and filled chips to the others.

Filled chips and retouched flakes to boar's fur and edge of plaque.

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