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Staffordshire Pearlware performing lion

pre-Victorian, circa 1820. 9.1ins high, 12.6ins wide, 5.2ins depth. Staffordshire pearlware figure which features a performing lion, with one paw on a ball, stood on a plinth base.

Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.

Vent hole to the underside.

Book reference,'English Earthenware Figures 1740-1840' by Pat Halfpenny, page 196, figure 53.


CONDITION: Generally good.

Chip to teeth, tongue,


and back.

Bruise to muzzle.

Flaking to face,




underside of lion,

legs ,


and base.

Paint losses to paws, ball

and base.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage crack to front foot

and to where the ball joins the base;

glaze misses to the ball;

shrinkage line along the mold join to the lions underside;

shrinkage cracks to the underside, one extending up the rear of the base.

RESTORATION. Retouched paint flakes.

Stabilised crack along the mold join on the lions back

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