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1721 Alphabet sampler by Judeth Skinner

George II, dated 1721. 16.75ins by 8.75ins wide. 1721 Sampler by Judeth Skinner.

Framed in a modern, gilt over wood, frame with glass. Fixed to card with chipboard backing.

The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches including Algerian eye.

No border, divider lines in various patterns.

Colours greens, cream, yellow, light brown, blues and red. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and numbers 1-9. Family intials.

Verse reads

'Mans lives is nothing but a winters day some only

??er there past and so away others stay. dimmer

and depart evil fend the deepeast age but sups?

and goes to bed hes most in det that lingers out te?

the day who dies be times as lest & best to pay'.

Dated '1721' and '1702' and signed '?udeth Skinner Her First Samplar in The 8 Year ?'.

A scattering of crown motifs.

CONDITION: Good. No holes. A few pale patchy stains, barely visible.

No stitch losses. Colours are all good and strong with only slight fading. The silks bright and glossy. Pale colours difficult to read.

No colour run. Unevenly stretched.

Frame showing some wear, but is structurally sound and in our opinion could be hung 'as is'.

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