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1802 Verse Sampen Bradshaw

George III, dated 1802. 15.75ins by 12.25ins wide. 1802 Sampler by Hellen Bradshaw. Framed in an old wood frame with gilt slip and glass.

Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing.

The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches.

Meandering floral border.

Colours red, cream, blue, light brown, dark brown, gold, white, pink and greens.

Verse reads

'No flealth of Time has thinn'd my flowing hair

Nor Age yet bent me with his iron hand

Ah why fo foon the tender bloffom tear

Ere Autumn yet the ripen'd fruit demand?

Here lies a youth borne down with love and care

He could not long his Delta's loff abide

Joy left his bofom with the parting fair

And when he dueft no longer hope, he dy'd'.

This verse was copied from a translation by Hammond of an elegy written by the Roman poet, Tibullus.

Tibullus had a mistress called Delia, whom he addressed this poem to.

This poem was first printed in 1743 in a edition of poems written by James Hammond which appeared shortly after his death.

Signed and dated

'Hellen Bradshaw's work July th 30 1802'.

A wonderful set of motifs, including fruit trees,



fir trees,


fruit baskets

and potted flowering plants.

CONDITION: Generally Good.

A number of small holes and some loss of the linen to the bottom, right corner.

Three small repairs to the linen.

Two pale patchy stains to the holed areas to the bottom border.

No stitch losses other than to the holed areas.

colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading.

The silks bright and glossy. No colour run.

Stretching is slightly uneven.

Frame in very good condition, ready to hang.

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