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1795 'On Temperance' Sampler by Mary Poynton

George III, dated 1795. 17.5ins high by 15.5ins wide. 1795 'On Temperance' Sampler by Mary Poynton. Framed in an old maple frame with gilt slip and glass.

Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing.

The sampler is worked in silk and wool on canvas ground, in a variety of stitches.

Meandering floral border.

Colours greens, cream, yellow, pale blue, pink, purple, browns and black.

Verses read

'All you my Friends which now expect to fee

A peece of needle work Performd by me

Caft but a smile on this my mean Endeavour

Ill strive to mend and be obedient ever'

one titled

'On Temperance'

'Its to thy rules O temperence that we owe

All pleasures which from health or strength can flow

Vigour of body purity of mind

Unclouded reason sentiments refind'


'The Lord my pafture fhall prepare

And feed me with a fhepherds care

his prefence fhall my wants fupply

And guard me with a watchful eye

My noon day walks he fhall attend

And all my midnight hours defend

Thy friendly crook fhall give me aid

And guide me through the dreadful fhade'


'Our life is a dream

Our time as a ftream

clides fwiftly away

The fugitive moment

Refufes to ftay.'

Signed and dated

'Mary Paynton Sept. 14 1795'.

A wonderful set of motifs, some finely embroidered, including a fir tree with a shepherd and shepherdess watching over their flock of sheep,


potted flowering plants,



fruit baskets

and insects.


A few holes and areas of pulling to the ground.

A few pale stain specks.

Some stitch losses to the border

and a loose thread to one of the divider lines.

Colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading.

No colour run.

Stretching is very slightly uneven.

Frame in very good condition, ready to hang.

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