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Staffordshire Sailors' Farewell figure group

Victorian, circa 1880. 8.1ins high, 4.9ins wide, 1.8ins depth. Staffordshire group with a maritime theme which features a sailor stood next to his girl, seated on a shaped base. Multi-coloured with underglaze blue version. Bright gilt base line and embellishment.

Flatback, decorated mainly to the front.

Vent hole to the reverse.

Book reference,'Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875' Book 1, by A.& N. Harding, page 235, figure 817.


Generally good.

Slight rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage line to the front of the base;

a few specks of kiln soot caught in the glaze to the reverse;

flecks of stray coloured glaze to the front.

RESTORATION: Stabilised and retouched hairline running from right side of his face over on to the reverse.

Retouched paint losses to his shoes,


and barrel.

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