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Pair Staffordshire Pearlware dogs

Victorian, circa 1840. Tallest is 6.3ins high, 5.3ins wide, 2.4ins depth. Pair of Staffordshire pearlware figures which feature a dog, seated on a shaped base.

Black and white version.
Decorated 'in the round' - decoration to front and reverse.

Open bottomed.

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CONDITION: Right facing: Good.

Small flake to dog's tail.

KILN EFFECTS: patchy glaze application to the green glaze on the base;

flecks of stray coloured glaze to the dog's body;

shrinkage line along the mold join to the dog's back.

RESTORATION: Stabilised and retouched hairlines and flakes to base (one hairline still slightly visible).

Left facing: Good.

KILN EFFECTS: notable crazing;

shrinkage crack to under the dog's chin;

a speck of kiln grit caught in the glaze to base at reverse;

flecks of stray coloured glaze to the dog's body.

RESTORATION: Stabilised and retouched shrinkage lines and flakes to dog's chest,

left front leg

and base.

Retouched flake to dog's nose and head.

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