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Pair Staffordshire sailor & barrel figures

Victorian, circa 1860. Tallest is 11.4ins high, 4.8ins wide, 3.5ins depth. Pair of Staffordshire figures with a maritime theme which feature a sailor holding a mug of ale, on an oval base.

Multi-coloured version. Bright gilt base line and embellishment.
Flatback, decorated mainly to the front.

Vent hole to the underside.

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CONDITION: Sailor with headscarf: Generally good.

Some rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECTS: glaze miss to the base;

stray coloured glaze to the base.

RESTORATION: Stabilised and retouched hairline to his left arm and jacket below arm.

Filled chip to his left boot.

Retouched flakes to his right hand.

Retouched paint losses to ground and his right boot.

Sailor with hat: Generally good.

A few paint losses to the black enamel.

Some rubbing to gilt.

KILN EFFECT: a few specks of kiln detritus caught in the glaze;

craze lines and a touch mark to his neck.

RESTORATION: Retouched flake to nose.

Filled chips and flakes to hat.

Retouched paint losses to ground.

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