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Majolica Palissy Medusa vase with snake handles

Victorian, circa 1890. 15.2ins high, 10.8ins wide, 6.7ins depth. French Palissy Majolica vase which features Medusa on either side, along with moths and grape vine.

Two handles in the form of vine branches with two snakes coiled around them.

Colouration: blue, brown, green, are predominant.

Book reference not found.


CONDITION: Generally good. Crack to handle to end of snake's tail.

Some small flakes to branch handles.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage cracks to the medusa's hair;

glaze run to the blue glaze;

flecks of stray coloured glaze to the faces.

RESTORATION: One handle and section of rim reglued and join retouched.

Stabilised and retouched crack to lower part of same handle (including snakes), where handle splits into three.

Stabilised and retouched crack to top of other handle.

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