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Pair Staffordshire Emily Sandford&James B. Rush figures

Victorian, circa 1860. Tallest is 9.8ins high, 5.1ins wide, 2.8ins depth.

Pair of Staffordshire figures with a crime interest theme which feature James B rush holding a scroll and Emily Sandford holding a handkerchief and a scroll both leaning against a pillar, stood on an oval base. The pieces are titled, 'James B Rush' and 'Emily Sandford' to the fronts. Multi-coloured with underglaze blue version. Dull gilt titles and embellishment.

Flatback, decorated mainly to the front.

Vent hole to the underside.

This piece represents James B Rush (1800-1849) who was a West Norfolk farmer. Rush owned Potash farm nr Wymondham. The owner of Stanfield Hall Isaac Jermy took over the mortgage of Potash farm for £5000, but he gave notice to foreclose on November the 30th 1848. On the 28th Rush murdered Isaac Jermy and his son and wounded his daughter in law and housemaid. Rush was largely convicted on the evidence of Emily Sandford his mistress, who had promised her marriage if she gave him a child. Rush was hanged on April the 21st 1849, he was buried within the prison walls.

Book reference,'Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875' Book 1, by A.& N. Harding, page 122, figure 301p/304p.


Male: Good.

Shallow chips to lower base edge.

A few paint losses to buttons on shirt.

Some rubbing to gilt.

Kiln effects: a few specks of kiln detritus caught in the glaze to front and reverse.

Female: Good.

Small flake to underside of left elbow.

A few paint losses to skirt.

Slight rubbing to gilt.

Kiln effects: kiln detritus caught in the glaze to top of pillar with associated flake.

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