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School of Paris Palissy Majolica Palissy Fish Platter

Victorian, circa 1875. 9.1ins high, 14.1ins wide, 2.2ins depth. School of Paris French Palissy Majolica wall platter which features two overlapping fish on a water-effect ground, to the centre.

A lizard,

shellfish, insects and leaves around the rim.

Colouration: green, blue, brown, are predominant.

Attribution - unmarked, but almost certainly Barbizet or Thomas Sergent.


CONDITION: Very Good. A few, tiny, inconspicuous flakes on dorsal fin.

RESTORATION. Filled chip to the underside of the rim.

Filled chip to gill of upper-most fish.

Tail fin of bottom-most fish reglued and join retouched.

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