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School of Paris Majolica Palissy Fish, Reptile & Butterfly Plate

Victorian, circa 1875. 3.3ins high, 13.4ins wide, 13.4ins depth. School of Paris French Palissy Majolica wall plaque which features a fish (perhaps a perch) across the centre.

A frog,

a lizard,

a butterfly,

a crayfish,

shellfish and leaves.

Water-effect to the central well.

Colouration: green, brown, cobalt blue, are predominant.

Book reference ,'Palissy Ware' by Marshall P. Katz and Robert Lehr, page 128, figure 155. (Attribution - unmarked, but almost certainly Barbizet or Thomas Sergent)


CONDITION: Very Good. A few small flakes/abrasions to edge of butterfly wings.

RESTORATION. One crayfish leg remodelled. Crayfish mouth has filled chips.

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