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Choisy Majolica Cockerel by Louis Carrier Belleuse

Circa 1880. 21.3ins high, 18.1ins wide, 9.1ins depth. Choisy Majolica figural vase which features an animated cockerel / rooster stood on a basket, in front of a stone wall. Ivy grows up the wall.

Colouration: light brown, brown, blue/grey, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Choisy pottery. Bears a pattern number, '1491 J4'.

Signed, 'LOUIS CARRIER-BELLEUSE' to the side of the base.


CONDITION: Good. KILN EFFECTS: thin glaze application in places on the wattle and comb, which may look like chips in images, but are not.

RESTORATION. Spur on right foot remodelled.

Filled chips to ends of two tail feathers.

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