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Georgian Woolwork Embroidered Picture of Guinea Pigs

Victorian, circa 1860. 13.8ins high, 19.1ins wide, 0.9ins deep. Georgian Woolwork Embroidered Picture of Guinea Pigs in a garden scene.

The embroidery is worked in wool threads on a canvas ground, in a variety of stitches.

Pictorial scene depicts three guinea pigs in their pen. A vegetable leaf in the foreground. A fence and den in the background.

The inspiration for this picture is from a painting by George Morland (1763-1804), entitled 'Guinea Pigs'. A catalogue page cutout is stuck to the back of the embroidery, illustrating this painting.

Colours green, cream, orange, brown and red.

Framed in an old, possibly original, wood frame with rippled, old glass.

Mounting: The woolwork is stitched to calico slip and stretched over mountboard.

Frame backed with paper and sealed with tape.

CONDITION: Very Good. A few patches of wear to the wool.

Patchy stain to top left corner.

Light patchy stain on right.

Colours are good and strong.

No colour run.

Neatly and evenly stretched.

Frame has light wear, but is in good condition, ready to hang.

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