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Antique Sailor's Woolwork Embroidery of an American Ship

Victorian, circa 1870. 7.9ins high, 11ins wide, 1ins deep. Antique Sailor's Woolwork Embroidery Picture of an American three masted ship.

The embroidery is worked in wool on canvas ground, in a variety of stitches with raised work flags and sails of silk-like material.

Colours white, cream, blues, black, grey and red.

Scene depicts a three masted ship with sails furled flying an American flag.

Framed in old frame with rippled, old glass, and gilt spacer.

Mounting: The embroidery is tacked to a wood panel. Frame backed with additional original wood panel.

CONDITION: Generally Good: A few loose threads and losses.

Frame showing some wear but in good condtion and ready to hang.

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