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Antique Band Sampler, 1713, by Ann Arner

Queen Anne period, dated 1713. 15ins high, 8.3ins wide, 0.5ins deep. Queen Anne Band Sampler, 1713, by Ann Arner.

The sampler is worked in silk on a linen ground, in a variety of stitches.

Divider lines in various patterns.

Colours black, red, pale green, dark brown, copper, pink, pale blue and silver.

Multiple alphabets A-Z in upper case and numbers 1-11.


And, 'Love god and good will come of it'.

And, 'Numbers Chap 13 verse the23'.

Signed and dated 'Ann Arner Her work 1713'.

An unusual set of motifs, including dark skinned Spies of Canaan,

lions next to a crown with the initials 'AR' (presumably Anne Regina),

birds, a swan,

a peacock,


a temple,

a table with a tea-set on top,

crowns, and a fruit tree.

Framed in an old wood frame with glass.

Mounting: The sampler is tacked to board. Frame backed with wood and sealed with tape.

CONDITION: Good. No holes. Slight freying to one fruit on tree.

Tiny dark mark on one of the letter A's.

Very light patchy staining in places. Some stitch loss to the divider lines and letters.

Colours are mostly good and strong. The silks bright and glossy.

No colour run.

Neatly and evenly stretched. Frame in good condition.

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