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Circa 1700 Lace Embroidered Picture

Circa 1700. 8.9ins high, 13.6ins wide, 1.6ins deep. Circa 1700 Lace Embroidered Picture.

Worked in a variety of lace techniques. A central panel depicts a female head and shoulders.

Geometric panels and bands surround the cental motif.

The original template for the cental motif is included in a pouch to the reverse.

Framed in black, wooden frame with glass.

Mounting: The lace is stitched to quilted material backing. Frame backed with brown paper.

CONDITION: Generally good. No staining. A few loose threads here and there.

Stretching is slightly uneven. Has probably been recently remounted, with a number of replacement stitches to make damaged areas more presentable.

Frame in good condition, ready to hang.

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