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Choisy Majolica Rooster/Cockerel Vase by Paul Comolera

Victorian, circa 1870. 26.8ins high, 15.7ins wide, 11.8ins depth. Choisy Majolica stick or umbrella stand which features a rooster/cockerel standing next to some wheat.

Colouration: blue, brown, green, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Choisy pottery. As well as the artists stamp, 'P. COMOLERA'.

Bears a pattern number, '1281 M3'.



CONDITION: Generally good.

KILN EFFECTS: a few specks of kiln grit caught in the glaze.

RESTORATION. Remodelled end of tail feathers,


part of spill rim.

Section of base and leg reglued and join retouched.

Filled chips to crest,

and spill rim.

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