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Antique Stumpwork Embroidery of Faith, Hope & Charity

Charles II, circa 1660. 16.25ins high, 19.7ins wide, 1.5ins deep. Charles II Antique Stumpwork Embroidery. The embroidery is very finely worked in silks and chenille threads on a silk ground.

Worked in a variety of stitches with areas of raised work.

Colours greens, gold, blues, red and brown.

Pictorial scene depicting Faith, Hope and Charity.

Charity - the center motif shows a lady with children, a church in the background, surrounded by a variety of animals, insects and flowers. Faith and Hope stand either side. Hope holds a bible. Charity has an anchor beside her.

Other motifs include a water fountain,

a pond with fish and ducks,

a stag,

a lion,

a rabbit, a butterfly,

fruit trees,


Re-framed in an old, gilded, gesso frame with old rippled glass and spacers for air gap.

The stumpwork is tacked to a wooden stretcher frame with acid free back board and tape.


A few small holes.

A split next to the lion.

A split above a child's head to centre.

A few pale stain specks.

Some stitch losses to the motifs.

Colours are mostly good and strong. Frame showing wear and chips, but structurally sound.

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