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Minton Majolica Heron Umberella Stand, by John Henk

Victorian, circa 1905. 31.1ins high, 15.7ins wide, 13.4ins depth. Mintons Majolica stick or umbrella stand which features a heron with fish in it's mouth.

Reeds and bullrushes (cattails) behind the bird form the receptacle. Colouration: green, grey, black, are predominant.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Mintons pottery. Bears a pattern number, '1917'. Marks include a factory specific date cipher for the year 1905.



CONDITION: Good. Some wear to base.

KILN EFFECTS: grey glaze patch to the base, where dripped from chest;

glaze run to the black glaze.

RESTORATION. Remodelled ends of beak.

Filled chips to end of tail feathers, leaves on ground, spikey leaves and base edge.



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