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Copeland Painted Earthenware Owl Figure

Victorian, circa 1878. 17.5ins high, 8.3ins wide, 8.3ins depth. Copeland Earthenware painted figural which features an owl perched on a branch, holding a mouse in it's talon.

The piece bears maker's marks for the Copeland pottery. Marks include a factory specific date cipher for the year 1878.

N.B - This piece is not Majolica, but we have included on our pages as it is closely related to Majolica by factory and form.


CONDITION: Generally good.

Small flakes to the base.

KILN EFFECTS: shrinkage line to the mouses rump.

RESTORATION. Owl has been reglued and joins retouched, across his left leg and through the base of the tail.

Filled chip to right ear.

Stabilised and retouched crack to the base.

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