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Antique Sampler, 1801, By Sally Phipps

George III, dated 1801. 16.5 ins by 12.5 wide. Antique Sampler, 1801, By Sally Phipps.

Framed in an old wood frame with glass.

Stitched to a green fabric ground. Cardboard back.

The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches.

Meandering floral border.

Colours red, cream, blue, green, purple, brown and black.

Alphabets A-Z in upper case

Verse reads

'Jefuf permit Thy Graciouf Name to ftand

Af the firft effort or an infantf hand

And while Her fingerf oer thif Canvaf move

Engage Her tender Heart to feek Thy Love

With Thy dear Children let Her have a part

And write Thy Name Thyfelf upon her Heart'.

Signed and dated


A good set of motifs, including a building,


potted flowering plants,



fleur de lis

and flowers.


A few small holes.

No stains other than uniform age darkening of the ground.

No stitch losses.

Colours are slightly faded, but still well defined.

No colour run.

Unevenly stretched.

Frame in good condition, ready to hang.


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