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Antique Sampler, 1747, By Dorothy Newton

George II, dated 1747. 13ins by 8ins wide. Antique Sampler, 1747, By Dorothy Newton. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground.

Framed in an old wood frame with rippled, old glass. Tacked to board with brown paper backing.

Simple line border. Colours green & cream. Alphabets A-Z in upper case and lower case and numbers 1-20

Verse reads,

'Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and

the man that getteth understanding For the

merchandise of it is better than the

merchandise of silver and the gain thereof

than fine gold she is more precious than ru

bies and all the things thou canst desire are

not to be compared unto her Length of days

is in her right hand and in her left hand rich

es and honour Her ways are ways of plea

santness and all her paths are peace She is

a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her

and happy is every one that retaineth her-

The Lord by wisdom has founded the eart

by understanding hath he established the hea

vens By his knowledge the depths are brok

en up and the clouds drop downthe dew-

but where shall wisdom be found and where

is the place of understanding God under-

standeth the way thereof and he knoweth the

place thereof & unto man he said behold the

fear of the Lord that is wisdom and to dep(art)'.

Signed and dated 'Dorothy Newton April the tenth day Anno Domini 1747'.

Single crown motif.

CONDITION: Good. No holes. No stains other than uniform age darkening of the ground.

Minor stitch losses to the verse. Colour faded making words difficult to read. No colour run.

Unevenly stretched.

Frame showing slight wear, otherwise sound.

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