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Antique Sampler, 1780, by Lydia Dawes

George III, dated 1780. 11.5ins high by 11ins wide. Antique Sampler, 1780, by Lydia Dawes. Framed in an old, gilded, gesso frame with rippled, old glass.

Tacked to wood backing board.

The sampler is worked in silk linen ground, in a variety of stitches including Algerian eye.

Meandering strawberry border.

Colours green, green, pale blue, gold, black, pink, cream and copper.

Alphabets A-Z in upper case and numbers 1-8

Verses read,

'The time will come when I fhall fay

I wifh I had more Learning got

And minded leff my play'.


'In all miffortunatef thif Advantage lief

They make uf humble and they make uf wife

Let'f bear it calmly tho' a grievouf Woe

And ftill adore the hand that givef ye Blow

And he that can acquire fuch Virtue gainf

An ample Recompence for all hif Painf'.

Signed and dated,

'Lydia Dawes May 29th 1780'.

A good set of motifs, including a stag,




flowers and baskets of flowers

CONDITION: Good. A few small holes.

No stains.

No stitch losses.

Colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading.

No colour run.

Stretching is very slightly uneven.

Frame showing slight wear, otherwise sound.

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