Staffordshire Figures


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Pair Staffordshire 'Milk Sold Here' cow spill vases
Pair Staffordshire Terrier with pups figure groups
Staffordshire Prattware cow & calf creamer with bocage
Staffordshire Pearlware performing lion
Staffordshire rabbit tureen & cover
Matched Pair Staffordshire Bactrian camels
Staffordshire Rabbit eating lettuce
Staffordshire Prattware Saint George & Dragon
Staffordshire Creamware spaniel on cushion
Staffordshire Prattware shepherdess & sheep
Staffordshire Pearlware bocage lion figure
Large Staffordshire Welsh Springer Spaniel
Large Staffordshire riding boots stick/whip stand
Rare pair Staffordshire spaniels on bases
Large Pair Staffordshire legs-free copper lustre spaniels
Pair Staffordshire Pearlware cow & milkmaid creamers
Large Staffordshire standing lion figure
Large Staffordshire Otter hunter spill vase
Staffordshire Creamware Neptune figure
Pair Staffordshire black and white cats
Staffordshire Florence Nightingale titled figure
Staffordshire Porcellaneous cow spill vase
Staffordshire Miss Nightingale titled figure
Pair Staffordshire Jackfield Cockerels/Roosters
Pair Staffordshire standing lions
Pair Staffordshire Jackfield cockerels
Pair Staffordshhire Jackfield cockerels
Staffordshire Prattware cow & calf group
Staffordshire Pearlware lion on plinth figure
Pair Staffordshire Pearlware dogs
Staffordshire squirrels clock group
Pair Staffordshire Royal children on spaniels
Pair Staffordshire white and gilt cockerels/roosters
Pair Staffordshire cockerels/roosters
Staffordshire Pearlware George Whitfield bust
Pair Staffordshire stag & tiger spill vases
Pair Sherratt Staffordshire Pearlware 'Elijah & Widow' table base figures
Large Staffordshire Otter hunter spill vase
Large Staffordshire Prattware-type money box bank
Large pair Staffordshire St. Bernard's

Items 1 to 40 of 649

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