c.1796 Scottish Sampler depicting Montrose Bridge

Dimensions (excluding frame and slip):

13ins by 13ins wide




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Period: George III, circa 1796


c.1796 Scottish Sampler depicting Montrose Bridge. Framed in an old, possibly original wooden frame with glass. Stitched to linen and tacked onto a wood backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Meandering strawberry border. Colours green, copper, brown, red, blue, cream and pink. Family initials and names ' JOAN PEAT, KATREN PEAT, ELISETH PEAT, MARGRET PEAT, JOHN PEAT, DAVID PEAT, CHARLOTTE PEAT, JANE PEAT, C BELL PEAT, SG, JM, CB, MB, JAMES BOOTH, JENEY BOOTH, CM, IB, IN, SC AND IC'. Signed 'DONE BY IENET PEAT IN THE 10TH YEAR OF> HER AGE MONTROSE JULY 7TH'. A wonderful set of motifs. One of Montrose bridge, titled, 'NEW BRIDGE OF MONTROSE OVER THE RIVER SOUTH ESSKE'. Another of Adam & Eve standing either side of the fruit laden tree of life, with a spade and rake one side and a beehive the other side. Also, birds, fir trees, a building and potted flowering plants.

Condition Summary:

Generally Good. Any fading, hole, stain, defect or stitch loss, when present, is not overly detracting.

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