Antique Scottish Sampler by Grisel Brody, circa 1710

Dimensions (excluding frame and slip):

12.75ins wide by 10ins tall




Sorted: FRESH


Period: Early 18thC


Circa 1710 Scottish sampler by Grisel Brody. Framed in an old wood frame with gilt slip and glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with cardboard backing. The sampler is very finely worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Interesting geometric border. Colours red, dark brown, gold, greens and cream. Family initials. (including IB 'heart' IB - perhaps symbolic of the parents love for each other). Verse entitled 'THE Ten COMMAnDMenTs In METRE' reads 'HAVE THOU nO OTHER GODS BUT ME> UnTO nO IMAGE BOW THY KnEE> TAKE nOT THE nAME OF GOD In VAIn> DO nOT THE SABBATH DAY PROFAnE> HOnOUR THY FATHER AnD MOTHER TOO> AnD SEE THAT THOU nO MURDER DO> FROM WHOREDOM KEEP THEE CHASTE AnD CLEAn> AnD STEAL nOT THO THY STATE BE MEAn> OF FALSE REPORT SHUn WELL THE BLOT> WHAT IS THY nEIGHBOURS COVET nOT'. Signed 'GRISEL BRODY Ten YEARS'. A finely stitched group of motifs, including small figures (boxers), thistle heads, birds, flowers, potted flowering plants, crowns, hearts, and a peacock.

Condition Summary:

Generally Good. Any fading, hole, stain, defect or stitch loss, when present, is not overly detracting.

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