Antique Sampler, 1790, 'The shepherd and the philospher' Sampler by Maria Day

Dimensions (excluding frame and slip):

18ins high by 12ins wide




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Period: George III, dated 1790


1790, ' The shepherd and the philospher' Sampler by Maria Day Fecit. Framed in an old wood frame with rippled, old glass. Tacked to a wood with paper backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Meandering floral border. Colours gold, cream, yellow, pale blue, black, pink, red and greens. Verse entitled, 'The SHERPHERD and the PHILOSOPHER' reads, 'REMOTE from cities liv'd a swain,>Unvex'd with all the cares of gain,>His head was filver'd o'er with age,>And long experience made him fage,>In summers heat and winters cold>He fed his flock and penn'd the fold,>His hours in chearful labour flew,>Nor envy nor ambition knew,>His wifdom and his honeft fame>Through all the country raif'd his name>A deep Philofsopher (whofe rules>of moral life were drawn from fchools)>The shepherd's homely cottage fought.>And thus explor'd his reach of thought.>Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil>O'er books consum'd the midnight-oil?>Haft thou old Greece and Rome furvey'd,>And the vaft fense of PLATO weigh'd?>Hath SOCRATES the foul refin'd,>And haft thou fathom'd TULLY'S mind?>Or, like the the wife ULYSSES thrown>By various fates on realms unknown,> Hast thou through many cities ftray'd,>Their cuftoms, laws, and manners weigh'd?>The shepherd modeftly reply'd,>I ne'er the paths of learning try'd,>Nor have I roam'd in foreign parts>To read mankind, their laws and arts;>For man is practis'd in difguise,>He cheats the moft discerning eyes:>Who by that fearch fhall wifer grow,>When we ourfelves can never know,>The little knowledge I have gain'd,>Was all from fimple nature drain'd,>Hence my life's maxims took their rife,> Hence grew my fettled hate to vice.>The daily labours of the bee>Awake my foul to induftry.>Who can obferve the careful ant,>And not provide for future want?>>My dog the truftreft of his kind)>With gratitude inflames my mind:>I mark his true, his faithful way.>And in my fervice copy Tray,>In conftancy and nuptial love.>I learn my duty from the dove.>The hen, Who from the chilly air>With pious wing protects her care,>And ev'ry fowl that flies at large,>Infructs me in a parent's charge.>From nature too I take my rule,>To fhun contempt and ridicule,>I never with important air>In converfation over-bear.>can grave and formal pafs for wife,>When manthe folemn owl defpife?>My tongue within my lips i rein;>for who talks much, muft talk in vain.>We from the wordy torrent fly:>Who liftens to the chatt'ring pye?>Nor would I, with felonious flight,> By ftealth invade my neighbour's right>Rapacious animals we hate:>Kites, hawks, and wolves deferve their fate.>Do not we juft abhorrence find>Againft the toad and ferpent kind?>But envy, calumny, and fpite,>bear ftronger venom in thr bite.>Thus every object of creation>can furnifh hints to contemplation,>and from the moft minute and mean>A virtuous mind can morals glean.>Thy fame is juft, the fage replies;>Thy virtue proves thee truly wife.>Pride often guides the author's pen,>books as affected are as men;>But he who ftudies nature's laws,>From certain truth his maxims draws;>and thofe, without our fchools, fuffice>To make men moral, good and wife.'. Signed and dated 'Maria Day Fecit Aged Years 1790'. Verse surrounded by wonderful floral border and garland.

Condition Summary:

Good. Any fading, hole, stain, defect or stitch loss that may be present, is minor and not detracting.

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