Antique Sampler, 1716 Band Sampler by Ann Hanscombe

Dimensions (excluding frame and slip):

15.75ins by 7ins wide




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Period: George I, dated March 22 1716


1716 sampler by Ann Hanscombe. Framed in an old Hogarth frame with rippled, old glass. Loose mounted over a card with chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in a silk-like thread on linen ground, in cross stitch throughout. No border. Colours red, cream, yellow, pale blue, greens and light brown. Family initials and name Psalms read 'The HVnDReD PSALM ALL PeOPLe TH> ?? One Earth dO dwEll SInG TO The> LORD WITH cHeeRFUL VOICe HIM SeR> Ve WITH FeAR HIS PRAISe FORTH Te> LL cOMe Ye BeFORe HIM AnD ReIOYce T>He LORD Ye KnOW IS GOD InDeeD WIT> HOVT OVR AID He DID VS MAKe We Are> HIS FLOcK He DOTH VS FeeD AnD FOR> HIS SHeeP He DOTH VS TAKe O enTeR T> HeN HIS GATeS WITH PRAISe APPROc> H WITH IOY HIS CORTS VnTO PRAISe L> AVD AnD BLeSS HIS nAMe ALWAYS FOR> IT IS SeeMLY SO TO DO FOR WHY The L> ORD OVeR GOD IS GOOD HIS MeRcY IS FOR> eVeR SVRe HIS TRVTH AT ALL TIMeS> FIRMLY STOOD AnD SHALL FROM AGe TO> AGe enDVRe HeRe enDS The HVnDR> eD PSALM' and 'The HVnDReD AnD FIRST PSALM> I MeRcY WILL AnD IVDGmenT SInG O>LORD GOD VnTO The 2 AnD WISeLY>DO In PeRFecT WAY VnTIL THOV Come>TO Me AnD In The MeDST OF MY HOV>Se WALKe In PVReneSS OF MY SPRIT>AnD I nO KinD OF WICKeD THInG WILL>SeT BeFORe MY SIGHT ?I HATe THeIR>WORKS THAT FALL AWAY IT SHALL>nOT CLeAVe TO me FROm me SHALL PART>The FRO???RD HeART nOne eVILL WI>LL I See 5 Him WILL I STORY THAT SLA>nDereTH HIS neIGHBOVR PRIVILY The>LOFTY HeART I CAnnOT BeARe nOR Him>THAT LOOKeTH HIG 6 Mine eYeS SHALL>Be On Them WITHin The LAND THAT>FAITH EVLL Be In PeRFeCT WAY WH>O WALKeTH SHALL Be SeRVANT V??S>me 7 I WILL No GVILeFVLL PeRSOn HAVe>WITHIn mY HOVSe TO DWeLL AnD In>mY PResenCe He SHALL nOT RemAIn?>THAT LIeS DOTH TeLL 8 Be TIMeS>WILL DeSTROY eVen ALL The WICKeD>OF The Land THAT I mAY FROm GODS>CITY CVT The WICKeD WORKeRS HAnD' Inscription to centre of verse reads 'MARY HANSCOMB AH SH'. Signed and dated 'ANN HANSCOMBe HeR SAMPLeR MARCH The 22 1716'.

Condition Summary:

Generally Good. Any fading, hole, stain, defect or stitch loss, when present, is not overly detracting.

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