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Pair Sister Silkwork Samplers 1742 & 1746 by Elizabeth & Alice Sutton
Multiplication Table Sampler, 1816, by Elizabeth Nields
1709 Band Sampler by Sary Outfil
Pair Scottish House Samplers, by the Sharp Sisters
Antique Sampler, 1656 signed with initials MH
Antique Sampler, 1687 Verse Sampler by ??? Robinson
Antique Sampler, 1798, by Sarah Goodwin
1795 'On Temperance' Sampler by Mary Poynton
Antique Sampler, 1826, by Louise Nuttman - Acton House
Circa 1745 Sampler by Frances Stanney
Pair Sister Samplers 1792 & 1803 by Mary & Elizabeth Green
Antique Sampler, 1784 Country Scene Sampler by Sarah Tyce
Antique Sampler, 1806, by David Robertson
Antique Sampler, 1825, by Mary Cross
1772 Ten Commandments Sampler by Sarah Elsam
Antique Sampler, 1836, by Harriet Carter - Harvest Home
Antique Sampler, 1787 Sampler by Ann Bradshaw
1822 Irish Map Sampler by Maria M Cummins
1833 'Map of Scotland' Sampler by Margaret Hepburn
Antique Sampler, 1791, by Esther Sleddle
Antique Band Sampler, 1725, by Sarah Crompton
Antique Sampler, 1836 by Ann Gording. Very finely worked
1831 Floral Bouquet Sampler by Ann Sharpe
1741 'Lord's Prayer' Sampler by Mary Cope
1829 & 1833 Pair sister Samplers by Ann & Elizabeth Nicol
Antique Sampler, 1671 Band Sampler by Katorn Noyes
Antique Sampler, 1836 Memorial Sampler by Louisa Horsey
Antique Sampler, 1843 Sampler with beadwork motifs by G A Bennett
1761 Verse and Prayer Sampler by Mary Ann Colville
Antique Sampler, 1863 Ireland Map Sampler worked on paper by M J Savage
Antique Sampler, 1821 House Sampler by Mary Hassack
Antique Sampler, 1824 Cat Sampler by Rachel Reeve
Antique Scottish Sampler, 1768, by Elizabeth Harvie
Antique Sampler, 1748 Ten Commandments Sampler by Martha Fay
Antique Sampler, 1802 Verse Sampler by Hellen Bradshaw
1833 House Sampler by Eleanor May, with 'Contentment' Verse
Antique Sampler, 1822 'Halstead Church' School Sampler
Antique Sampler, 1801 Map of England & Wales Sampler by Elizabeth Colley
1701 'Boxers' Band Sampler by Elizabeth Langley
Antique Sampler, 1781 House Sampler by Anne Hicks
Items 1 to 40 of 216
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