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Antique Sampler, 1831, 'Behold the Man' by Sarah Evans
Antique Silkwork George III & Angel Embroidery
Georgian Silkwork Embroidery of Jesus Woman of Samaria by Elizth Mountfort
1818 Silkwork Embroidery - Flight into Egypt
c.1796 Scottish Sampler depicting Montrose Bridge
Embroidered Silkwork Picture of Judar and Tamar
Needlework Sampler Postage Stamp Holder
Antique Sampler, 1839, by Gifford Elizabeth Saggers
Antique Sampler, 1841, by Julia Warburton
Antique Sampler, by Jean Key, Country House
Antique Sampler, 1781, by CP
Charles II Antique Stumpwork Embroidery Picture
Pair Antique Georgian Silkwork Embroideries
Embroidered Silkwork Picture of Boy on A Horse
Antique Sampler, 1834, by Mary Farrall
Antique Miniature Sampler, 1755, by Mary Radford
Four Antique Samplers by the Watson sisters, circa 1760s
Antique Band Sampler, 1781, by Mary Stringer
Antique Band Sampler, 1753, by Sarah Smithfield
Antique Sampler, c.1830, by Griscy Thortitons
Antique Sampler, 1738, by Ann Cristell
Antique Sampler, 1810, by Elizabeth Sand
Antique Sampler, 1786, by Honnour Dight
Pair Georgian Embroidered Pictures, Justice & Prudence
Georgian Feltwork Embroidered Spaniel
Antique Scottish Sampler by Grisel Brody, circa 1710
Antique Sampler, 1838, Multiplication Tables by Mary Taylor
Antique Georgian Silkwork Embroidery of a Lady
Antique Scottish Sampler by Christian Gram
Antique Sampler, 1843, by Eliza Harness
Antique Sampler, 1758, by Elizabeth Mowll
Antique Darning Sampler, dated 1811
Pair Sister Samplers by Allice (1835) and Hannah (1843) Witt
Charles II Antique Stumpwork Embroidery Picture
Antique Silkwork Embroidery Picture of Mary and Gabriel
Antique Georgian Embroidered Picture of a young girl
Antique Band Sampler, 1718, by Sarah Foot
Antique Sampler, 1826, by Mary Herbert Skuse
Antique Sampler, 1832, 'Perseverance' by Maria Sills
Antique Sampler, 1808, by Ann Hollingworth
Items 1 to 40 of 172
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