Staffordshire Pottery Figures for Sale

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Pair Staffordshire 'Milk Sold Here' cow spill vases
Pair Staffordshire Terrier with pups figure groups
Staffordshire Prattware cow & calf creamer with bocage
Staffordshire Pearlware performing lion
Matched Pair Staffordshire Bactrian camels
Staffordshire Rabbit eating lettuce
Staffordshire Prattware Saint George & Dragon
Staffordshire Creamware spaniel on cushion
Large pair Staffordshire recumbent whippets with hares
Staffordshire Pearlware bocage lion figure
Pair Large Staffordshire white & gilt cats
Large Staffordshire Welsh Springer Spaniel
Rare pair Staffordshire spaniels on bases
Large Pair Staffordshire legs-free copper lustre spaniels
Pair Staffordshire Pearlware cow & milkmaid creamers
Large Staffordshire standing lion figure
Large Staffordshire Otter hunter spill vase
Staffordshire Creamware Neptune figure
Staffordshire Pearlware Abraham & Isaac bocage group
Pair Staffordshire Pipe smoking spaniel on cobalt base
Pair Staffordshire black and white cats
Staffordshire Florence Nightingale titled figure
Staffordshire Cat head tobacco jar & cover
Staffordshire Porcellaneous cow spill vase
Staffordshire Miss Nightingale titled figure
Pair Staffordshire King Charles spaniels with glass eyes
Pair Staffordshire Jackfield Cockerels/Roosters
Pair Staffordshire 'Simpson & Brown' Generals on horseback
Pair Staffordshire Jackfield cockerels
Pair Staffordshhire Jackfield cockerels
Staffordshire Prattware cow & calf group
Staffordshire Pearlware lion on plinth figure
Staffordshire squirrels clock group
Pair Staffordshire Royal children on spaniels
Pair Staffordshire white and gilt cockerels/roosters
Pair Staffordshire cockerels/roosters
Staffordshire Pottery George Whitfield bust
Pair Staffordshire stag & tiger spill vases
Large Staffordshire Otter hunter spill vase
Large Staffordshire Prattware-type money box bank
Items 1 to 40 of 674
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